Everyone have in mind the House of our dreams. For the majority of the people your ideal home is a single-family house in an environment natural and quiet, fleeing neighbors, traffic jams and urban noise.

This is the profile of the majority of our customers. "Urbanites" that are released to build a house in a nearby haven of peace.

There are some customers who have very clear the construction process and manage the construction of your home without any doubt very effectively, but these cases are the least. The vast majority of customers have few doubts about many aspects of construction in sustainable architecture are happy to solve. Aware of these doubts seemed to us very interesting to throw this post to try to clarify some recurring questions.

Surely we will leave us out many details that we will try to go in response to request from all of you on this blog.

But to begin, there are 5 points to keep in mind to build your House:

1. the plot

When you buy a plot should take into account some important details that can make a dent in the budget. In this way should be checked if the plot has all connections (water, electricity, phone, sanitation, gas,...) and if the plot has loads of urbanization. Loads of urbanization are commitments that the plot has both economic and work with the municipal regulations. In some cases it seems that urbanization is complete and the City Council asked some works that were not covered. This data can be consulted on the Council of every municipality but is better that you rely on your architect these consultations.

2. the project

Once purchased the plot, the next step is to handle the project. The project is perhaps the most important and stage with greater added value in the construction of your home.

It is the moment which is designed and is decided every detail that will define how it will be home to make your dream a reality. It is important to spend your time just this process. Emotion soon start works normally that customers not to spend you time project, and must take into account a detail: what is drawn in the project is for a lifetime.

For a well thought out and designed project may take between 2 to 4 months depending on the size of the dwelling. Clearly this work can be performed in less time, but we do not advise it.

3. the constructive system

In these latitudes and during the boom years the structural King has been reinforced concrete. Most of the single-family homes that have been built have been concrete structure. But however, it is not the only nor the best solution since it is difficult to control the thermal bridges. Our personal commitment is the structure of contraminada wood panels, which are solid wood panels cut by numerical control workshop. For Foundation and basement if we understand that the concrete is the best solution.

With this we mean is that there are better and more technological variants. And in fact if you look towards Central Europe, Scandinavia or Japan, you can see that the concrete is displaced opting for more industrialized and efficient solutions.

4. other technical

To build a House, apart from an architect need some more technical:

-Before to start the project should make a topographical study of the plot to check boundaries, dimensions and levels.

-For the calculation of the Foundation we need to know how the ground and where is the firm. Geotechnical study gives these data.

-Finally, but nevertheless one of the most important is the quantity surveyor or surveyor. This figure will be responsible for the correct execution of your work and will take care of that budget is set to initially.

5. the time limits

This is usually one of the questions star. To build a House, more or less the following deadlines are needed:

  • Project: between 2 and 4 months.
  • Visa College of architects: 1 week
  • Municipal license: on average councils answer in 1 or 2 months.
  • Construction work: systems industrialized between 4 and 6 months. Concrete structure 8-12 months.
  • Full process = between 7 and 15 months (according to the above points)

Surely you will be still more doubts. Next post we will be commenting and explaining more aspects. Even we intend to speak in next entries how much cost to make a housing unfamilar.

If you're thinking about reforming your bath room, sure that you've already imagined lining and color you want in the walls, the shape of the basin, or style of towel bars.
However, if you want to get a perfect bathroom, you must think first in other not so decorative Affairs of our future bathroom, but you will appreciate that there with the passage of time. While the distribution of the elements in a dry area of the House is more flexible, in the bathroom the choice of the place of the toilet, the sink or the bathtub, it will depend on the investment that you want to perform for our future bathroom.



Unlike in a partly dry House, design and distribution of the elements required in a bathroom, has come up thinking that these elements need to pipe.

The most common is rating between three different possibilities for the design, placement and distribution of the bath, wc, basin or any other element with tubing that we want to introduce in our bathroom.


We can design our bathroom based on a single wall. This is the option that is less expensive and more effective, but also the more decoratively speaking.

In this proposal to distribute the wet items from the bathroom, willing all on a single wall. Need to move the pipes by a single wall of the bathroom, it is easier to accommodate them and devise its distribution. In this way the economic cost of the reform of the bathroom is also lower.


Place the elements of the bathroom in two walls, offers more decorative flexibility.

We can choose to align the elements as the toilet and the sink on a wall, and use a second wall to present the bath. This design option is more expensive but offers greater possibilities of trim.



Devise the scheme of pipes to bring water to three walls of a bathroom is quite more expensive in every way.

Course design of a bathroom on three walls is more versatile and offers huge decorative possibilities allow having the wet items almost anywhere our toilet. To ascertain the distribution of elements of the bath on three walls, it is recommended to take with the experience of a Designer specializing in bathrooms bath or architect. In this way we will achieve the best use of the space and avoid errors.

The job of plumber is one of the professions most successful today. Find plumber in cities available the 24 hours, are scarce and, you know, the price varies according to the supply and demand. Why a fault in your home that requires the intervention of a plumber can affect your pocket.

If suddenly you are with a flood in your kitchen, if you have a jam in your lavatory, or if you have a plumbing problem, get the hands to the head. To repair this type of problem needs a plumber and find one with urgency is currently more difficult which meant him to Indiana Jones, find a lost treasure.

  • The search for the plumber You as a customer must be prevented. In principle, the services of Plumbers are expensive. They are few, know, have lot of work, and also charged material and travel to your home. Therefore, before a breakdown you should take this into account.And as it is better safe than sorry. It is good to have some localized plumbers. Point some phone numbers and place them with a magnet on your fridge is never over. You also want to have some reference work so they don't have to resort to another plumber services within a few days. Talking to neighbors and ask them if your plumber has also been effective is a good idea. And, finally, it is necessary to know the most common repairs average price .

    Do not hesitate to ask for a repair budget is not going to be that later takes a nasty scare. In principle, this budget will not assume any expenditure, is more, many plumbing companies themselves propose it is for free and without that suppose you any commitment. 

    Ask for budgets to several companies, compare prices and choose which gives you more confidence. You may also report the plumber about an offer that they have had elsewhere to see if it lowers his.

    Many are the plumbers announced via the web. Ads that promise a service Quick and efficient for immediate repairs of the sink, basin or in the water. They offer repair leaks of water and drain your washer at any hour of the day and night.

  • Emergency (24 hour plumber) Unfortunately, many times, because of the rush caused by the gravity of the fault, no much time to choose. It is then the urgency which sends. Emergency services that are designed to solve your problem. The plumbers are willing to come to your House at any time 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.But you are aware that emergency services can be an additional cost to your Bill.
  • Plumbers ads Depending on the type of fault or installation, the plumber can take up to a week so that he can finally go home. Be patient. Both call the plumbers who advertise in yellow pages such as those advertised on the Internet, secure that some can go faster than another and you will find the perfect plumber that fits your needs.Plumbers have very quickly learned the importance of advertising since in the telephone directory you can note two facts. The first, when it is the header of the plumbers can see how almost all advertisers are highlighted by large and flashy boxes so you can choose them first. In addition, it is also curious as many plumbers have chosen a professional name that begins with the letter A given that telephone directory sorts listings alphabetically.

    Also through the universe of the Internet you can find the plumber of your dreams, that which is good, economical, fast repair and reach his home. You can find several directories of plumbers in your area to see which exists near you. In your search you have to be careful when choosing authorized plumber. Many plumbers are that your service is, above all, economic and carried out with all the professional guarantees.

  • Surefire profession Young people don't want to study more, have the opportunity to choose a profession with certain success. After courses in fundamental notions are learners to practice the craft, the young professional will find a job soon. 80 per cent of those who have decided to embark on the adventure of the plumbing found work immediately and also a job that will allow them to earn much money, perhaps more than a journalist or a lawyer. And if young is an entrepreneur with tools, a pickup truck and the experience, business is already mounted.
  • The home plumber: you can avoid calling a plumber. And if you want to save a few hard, try yourself get to work. So your Toolbox should have a wrench, pliers, some tubing, insulating tape, a tube of silicone, etc. Do not hesitate, there are faults that are bullshit and that call a specialist can cost you an arm and face. You try to repair what seems to be simple as the unbearable drip from the faucet bathroom or joints in plastic pipes. It is never more keep in good been mains your home to avoid bad smells from the pipes.

    You can find books or electronic page to learn some concepts and practical tricks of plumbing.

Modern trends in decoration and furniture to achieve a very modern and stylish home, you need a couple of fundamental things: simplicity in the interior space and functionality.

Simplicity in the interior

Contemporary interior design trends are based on clean lines, neutral colors and dominant geometric shapes all in simple style, which is definitely not equivalent of "boring" and "even". The perfect combination of space, colors, fabrics and accessories and a small dose of imagination can achieve a modern and comfortable home. The simplification of the interior is to escape from the familial disorder of the space with furniture and a lot of unnecessary things. The basic idea is the use of multifunctional furniture which are placed in the room in order to leave enough free space.

model of simple forms


Functionality is the next required element of the modern concept of Interior design and furniture. For different House areas this term has different meanings, but as a general definition we take just the free access to any site from anywhere in the home and the commercialization of furniture so that they are practical and easy to use. For example, modern design kitchen is fully equipped with accessories for cooking, serving, etc, and everything is prepared so that the WADA not to stretch looking for long enough.

A functional kitchen for the modern housewife

Postmodernism in the interior

Ergonomic furniture are the main part of the post-modern trend of furniture. They are present not only for the home, but to work. The key in the ergonomic furniture is combining a beautiful design with maximum comfort. Post-modern furniture has an important role. They usually put form over function to demonstrate that they include unique designs, as reasons for pop art and whimsical themes. Often, art furniture look more like a sculpture or a work of art than a functional piece of furniture that can sit comfortably, for example. Pop-style furniture are characterized with clean geometric shapes and interesting angles. Among the main trends in post-modern furniture is functionality, the minimalism in the use of materials and decorative elements that combine the retro ideas.

How to Prepare a Home Renovation

The House is definitely the most intimate and personal; that space that allows us to feel safe. Why should therefore represent fully every person who lives there, so as to respond adequately to all requirements.

Of fundamental importance is therefore the restructuring, which aims to create quality living spaces, better suited to your particular requests, so as to feel the environments in which you inhabit, fully "yours". How to renovate your home? Simple, just follow this step by step tutorial and you will discover how easy it is, as well as inexpensive, get the House of your dreams.

What to do before you renovate home

Be careful, because before you begin the necessary interventions for the renovation of your home, you must have all permits, according to the law. Let's find out how easy it is to resolve the bureaucratic loopholes, depending on the type of renovation to be carried out.
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How to create the perfect family garden

Finally after so many sacrifices you made it! If managed to top the wish of a lifetime and you bought a beautiful villa with a garden, where your dog or your baby (or both) can run around happy and surrounded by nature and to your beautiful lawn brand new. And whether it will be a Jack possibly amuse him digging holes fantastic ... where you can plant new essences.

But. There is a but. Don't just plant a few hedge there, some here and two or three trees here and there.
To have a garden to perfection you must consider many factors, such that all elements combine in a harmonious way.
Very often behind a garden "beautiful", in fact there's a thoughtful design. The goal of a beautiful garden is to be visually attractive and easy to maintain.
You can't improvise designing a garden, because it requires a thorough study and a good knowledge of plant varieties is climbing bases of gardening.

In practice, you won't be able to create your own garden by relying only on your green thumb. Maybe you will need it later, but the road is long!
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Twelve recommendations for the construction of a house adapted to your budget  No. 1 establishes a realistic budget
Consider the average cost of homes in your area, available materials, and that you are able to spend. Smith believes that a budget of $150,000 for the project will be enough to create a comfortable and stylish home. It plans to use the plant as a canvas and common materials as a means to reduce costs and add charm.

No. 2 works with experienced professionals
Smith suggests asking contractors and construction crews their views and vision on projects and materials. Experienced professionals often know the trade secrets that you can use to reduce costs and still maintain the quality.

No. 3 get involved from start to finish
Smith not advocating that you do all the work, but believes that the owners should be practical and committed every day. Seizing problems to arise saves time, and time-saving almost always means saving money on construction projects.

No. 4 get your property the best
The careful location can reduce costs during construction, and in the years to come. For example, the preservation of trees on the property can reduce the cost of site preparation. In addition, trees improve a home's value and help protect it from the summer sun and winter winds.
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Big Space-Saving Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the places in your home where you have storage space becomes almost essential for a comfortable and functional. However, when it comes to small bathrooms we have to think of some ideas and tips to maximize space.

Too many items that need a space that provides order and harmony: fabrics, shower products, beauty products, numerous tools, accessories, etc if you have decorating a small bathroom that hardly could add a mobile that serves as storage space and help keep order, today I bring you some ideas to help you accomplish that easily without taking up much space, without having to invest too much money for their implementation.

The Baskets provide good storage space

Position on the wall a couple of bars and help with hooks, hanging from their different baskets. Choose the size and type of basket depending on the space you have available in the bathroom. They are perfect to keep on hand and order on napkins, accessories, beauty products, etc also add charm and character to the décor of your bathroom.

Towel Bar Door

If the bathroom is too small or do not have wall space for towels, uses the space offered by the door.

Just hang on a little bar behind the door let you hang towels. Normally this space is empty and wasted, but if it's a small bathroom, enjoy can be a very good choice.
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Plumbing and drain cleaning

To clean a drain plumbing should always understand if and how you can take action, given the different methods and given the extent of the obstruction. It's always recommended periodic cleaning of the water system to maintain long life and then we can speak of ordinary maintenance.

Otherwise may be obstructions to discharges or runoff problems that require, always at the discretion of the plumber, an extraordinary intervention or urgent cleaning or washing.

The plumber will clean the piping using chemicals which destroy such obstructions if these are biological, or will use an iron spring that will allow him to inspect (also with devices bearing camcorder) and clean up afterwards the pipes due to the shape of the spring that is chosen for the diameter of the tube to be freed, for the length and the type of dirt inside the pipe.

Can also secure a hydraulic pump that, through the accumulation of pressure (bar) inside it, you can precise points you want, and all at once, thus facilitating the scaling tube, moving downstream of any debris or even eliminate them.
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Where you see a good interior design work before there has been a good preliminary analysis and theoretical study. Every good project starts with a thorough prior analysis and detailed study of the case. Without a good theoretical knowledge of all the variables and assumptions that we hardly get a good result. We will discuss the subject of the assignment, the objectives, the way to achieve them, points in favour, against, the methodology to be followed... must undertake an exercise of meddling in the minds of our client, trying to feel like him, live like him, think like him... and already by ourselves, analyse all the weapons that we have to offer a solution in the form of architectural project. This will be totally personalized, unique and untransferable, in which has not left anything to chance and improvisation. Any decision taken will be backed by a strong enough argument and as a result of this preliminary study justifying each and every one of them.

Balance in interior design
A good architectural project is one in which aesthetic, functional and structural factors have come to a point of total equilibrium. Although in very specific cases and justifiable circumstances at all times, it might be the situation that some of them have more presence than the rest.
Obviously, if you're thinking about hiring an interior designer, the balance of these factors in your future project not you can evaluate it but later, but if you can analyse the projects carried out in advance by the Interior Designer.

Passion for interior design
In general, the enthusiasm and passion for our work, for our small world, is our main motivation. This happens to us all regardless of our occupation. But I would say that the passion in interior design is palpable in each projected corner. It is quite impossible to get good results without a major dose of love for the profession and the Visual Arts in general. Passion and work, not more. It is not difficult to detect the passion for your work when you engage a conversation with a professional, look you in the eye and know if you are selling you a project or it is telling you a story about interior design.

Monitoring of implementation
Execution is another part of the interior design equally or perhaps more important than the initial phase of creativity and definition of the project. As in childbirth, would like any father missed the birth of his son. And indeed, a good performance could lessen the effect of certain project errors, but a bad execution will destroy without doubt any project however good this could be.

During this phase it is likely that modifications, different interpretations... Hence we should never lose contact with the project until the end. Decisions affecting the itself always will be "focused" in one direction, thus keeping the initial thread.
Premiere of the commercial interior design

Our main specialty is the commercial interior design. When you perform a commercial interior design, once completed the implementation of the project it is important to let it know, present it to the world, to our city, community, to our friends and colleagues, etc this is also valid for the residential interior design but not with the same relevance, as in commercial interior design it acquires a fundamental value for the client as when you just start up a business , and certainly, expose your site to the world and its way of understanding life and the company will bring many benefits.

No project is meaningless without people that inhabits it and "live it", being them who should judge our work. Your final experience will enrich us as designers improving and learning every day what surrounds us and who surrounds us.

Ivan Cotado of Interior design we have rule to try to give the widest publicity to each of our projects. Many of them have been published in the press of recognized prestige in the world of architecture and interior design. We are aware of the immense value that this entails for our customers but no doubt what most pleased us is your own satisfaction.