Remodel the home is a decision that should not be taken lightly, this is a process that brings untimely changes that your family and your home, so if you're thinking in renovating some area or all over the House complete, the best is have in mind a series of crucial before you start.

Whether it's because you have long wanted to change the look of your home, or you are going to sell or lease a property, and don't know how to start, who contract, how much money you will need to spend or invest, here are a few tips that you can take into account:

Action plan to remodel

The action plan will help you avoid overspending, more time than you had laid down and chaos in the home.

The action plan must take into account aspects such as:

  • List of the spaces of the House you wish to renew.
  • The new items that you want to add in your House.
  • The average cost of what you wish to run.
  • The budget that accounts for all costs associated with this project.
  • The time that takes to make all the remodeling.

Recommendations to consider when remodeling your home...

Take enough time to think about what you should keep in mind to run the remodeling project. Looking for lots of ideas and examples of what you want to do, the internet is a good tool to find images with new trends in home remodeling.

Be aware of the importance of having staff and trained professionals to draw up reforms at home, don't make you things by yourself believing you can do it only. This work is important and you don't want that things get out of your bed, bring you more expenses and delay longer than you had planned.

Researches, investigates and requests contributions in several parts, different builders or engineers, and stores. You can compare which is better, but remember that not always the most economical is the best. Sometimes for wanting to lower the cost of some materials that are not the best are acquired.

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you can do so by changing the Inn, cover, refrigerate, or simply minor appliances, sometimes with small changes, you can feel a big change. Meet the proposals Haceb has to your kitchen.

Included within your budget contingency value, always or almost always come out things that they had not intended creating more costs. So it's better if you leave a portion of your money for this.

Make sure that the company or person that you hired has the permissions and appropriate mechanisms for working with certain types of risk such as: heights, with the manipulation of energy, among others.

Finally, remember that natural lighting, the distribution of objects, a smart traffic areas of your House and storage, are some criteria that you must take into account when making decisions for this change that you are looking to give your home.

Choose plants with flowers for the Park should not be a difficult task, but it requires some time and research previous. It is to choose sometimes flower garden is complicated because there are so many species available, we do not know what to keep.

This is why the flowers should be determined carefully. First, decide if the objective is purely ornamental or decorative, or if you want to provide other "services". Plants in the Park can also offer fruit or medicinal leaves, for example. If they are large or are placed on a structure can provide shade in summer, or repair of the rain.

garden flowers are beautiful, and best of all, it can be seen throughout the year. Indeed, there are species that give us its beauty in spring and summer, as everyone knows, there are also others that bloom in the fall or winter. When the choice of flowers from the garden, you can take this account of species and plants to bloom in the four seasons. In this way, all the time have the beauty in your Park.

The style and design of the Court may also change your decisions. scan furniture, construction of houses, the amount of time you spend abroad and what you have to keep them as to make them really wonderful need to devote several hours a week.

annual flowers should be planted each year and bloom in summer. perennial flowers have a shorter flowering period, but are born each year without a new necessary plantation. Depending on the weather can choose different plants. shady sites are preferred following garden flowers: Violets, hydrangeas, anemones and bergenias.

No collections because if the garden plants. Accumulation is a very common mistake and need help. Choose three copies of each plant and never put one of this species. In the Park, the plants will be more enjoyable if you give them a definite advantage, that is, if the plants in order. Anything placed anywhere.

The colors of the flowers to the garden
Among the tips to choose flowers from garden must not ignore the fact that colors. We know that plants offer their different shades depending on the species, but do not abuse. Experts recommend gardening define up to three colors for each season.

You can also combine the flowers in your garden as you do with the interior decoration of the House. (Red, yellow and orange) warm tones give the Park a more welcoming aspect. cold tones (blue, violet and lilac), however, bring a sense of grandeur, ideal for small parcels.

In addition, the flowers can create harmony or rhythm. This is achieved by the repetition of colors. Try to form groups of shades to obtain a contrast and also for everyone to realize that you have a plan.

In return, you can create focal points in garden plants. always get there places and rest your eyes are not full of color and brightness. Provide open spaces in the Park, or species places which are not too colorful.

The meaning of the colors in your garden
The colors of the flowers "say" a large part of this housing. Consider these concepts:

Red flowers: A tonic and cheerful garden. Roses, azaleas, carnations, tulips and Solanaceae are the most recommended for this purpose. Choose clay or mud pots to maximize joy and do not forget to accompany (if you rather) with plum and Maple.

Orange Blossom: it is also synonymous with happiness, but also stability. It is a great ally against depression. Opt for begonias, marigolds or gerbenas.

Yellow flowers: it gives a sense of optimism and positivism. It is exciting. Do not hesitate to daisies, chrysanthemums and acacias.

Blue or purple flowers: they relaxing and de-stressing, ideal for small gardens and the internal effects. If you Magnolia plants, violets and hyacinths Alps between them always combine with white species like jasmine, flower of orange tree or orchids.

To choose the right flower garden that you need proper planning, no matter if you have a large area or only terrace in the city.

More modern styles. The design of houses is characterized by more "clean" or straight lines, and more open space.

Folding glass walls and giant windows. Long sheets of glass will open to large 'decks', giving priority to the opening and the natural lighting of the spaces, according to a statement from the company Marvin Family of Brands, present at the event in Las Vegas.

New colors. For design, will dominate the tone Suede, metal (weapons), clay and Bronze Liberty. A weather-proof color palette and neutral, and able to combine with a multitude of styles.

Bathrooms with large showers. Little by little, luxurious baths in tubs, which spend an amount much larger than water that a sprinkler will be left aside. For this reason, this space will be expanded to make it more comfortable.

Kitchens, dining rooms and open rooms. 'Open' is the key word of the houses in 2016, in accordance with a new form of unstructured life. People want to be connected, and not locked up in the kitchen. For this reason also, the predominance of large windows and glazed areas.

'Sociable' kitchens. White on white will transform these spaces into earthly paradises, and will make them appear larger. There will be areas connected to prepare food, serve and socialize, says the Proud Green Home site.

More openness, but not larger. May it seem that households in this year will be huge. None of that: a well-designed House can create that feeling of spaciousness, with open spaces, whitewashed walls, and windows and glass sliding doors.

Recreational areas. The mentioned opening will not collide with the need we all have to be a time in solitude. For this reason, designers incorporate spaces to move away, as reading corners or games rooms.

Doors that open directly to the 'living'. It there longer to go through a 'hall' or Foyer before sitting down to talk in the living room. Today, builders opt for direct buy-ins to this space from the outside of the House.

A bath for him and one for her. The mentioned opening does not sacrifice privacy. If before the couple baths were shared, the trend today imposes 'toilets' separate and private.

Connection with nature. This year will be difficult to distinguish between the outside and the adentro. The idea is that the courtyards and the 'decks' become expanded living rooms. Abound outside kitchens and rooms with fireplace connected to the natural environment.

You've decided to redecorate your small bathroom or, bluntly, you want a new design to redo it at bottom. Today, we offer you some tips and tricks for success of your project. As a bonus, we publish many pictures which can inspire you as well.

No doubt, you are wondering how could we build a small bathroom in a functional manner, without compromising the aesthetic aspect.

Take inspiration from these models of small bathrooms will be a first step, before elaborating in detail your renovation project. And you will see, it is not so difficult as this.

First of all, you need to think about each element or component of your small bathroom and how they interact with the available space. Is there some occupying more space it is necessary? To maximize space in a small bathroom there are several things to do. To get rid of the feeling of disorder and clutter, start by replacing your old vanity double sink with a simple on pedestal. Choose it as large as you want, a design in harmony with all. Now you can enjoy the space saved.
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When you buy a new home it can happen that no building plan more of. This piece of paper can however prove very useful in certain situations, including when a leak in one of the many tours. When there is a clear moisture spot on your wall is it will find the leak and the lead is not really a problem, but if your water consumption suddenly the deck height and you will find the cause, then such a construction plan is useful to detect a leak ... What you need to do in such cases? Enable the help of a company that specializes in leak detection!

Leak detection: the search for leakages

Why is leak detection needed?

Nothing as annoying as a water leak somewhere in your House. Unfortunately you can not so much to do to prevent this, and is there so nothing else on then just as soon as possible, a specialist in leak detection. Water leaks can, after all, a lot of annoying problems like mold, wet spots, or suddenly a higher water consumption. Did you know for example that via a leak of about half a centimeter up to 20 liters of water per hour can run off? In addition to water leaks gas leaks can also occur in the pipes. When you hear this is in most people have an (alarm) Bell, and rightly so. Gas leaks can lead to risk of explosion; more reason to go to the leak detection!
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Aquariums for the decoration of rooms

The tanks are an incredible decorative element, in addition to a true oasis of relaxation. They can be deployed in any part of the House, from the living room, bedroom, office, or wherever it is appropriate.

An aquarium in the House is very beneficial when hyperactive children or stressful jobs is because they help to lower revolutions and relax, even in the busiest days. We must not forget that they become a focal point of any area, which facilitates a lot decoration.

The placement of an aquarium is a way to increase wealth and fortune of the people who live in the House, and on the other hand have an aquarium can add class to a room. From round, cylindrical, hexagonal or rectangular forms, any of them is suitable for an aquarium, just keep in mind that complement the home and is not jarring.
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Home renovation, 10 things to avoid

I want to renovate the House, or should I replace or fix broken door shutters, repaint a wall but I would rely on a professional. What should I do? Do not worry. Here is a nice and useful, the Decalogue "10 things to avoid when contacting a professional to perform a job" written for us.

1. do not have a clear idea for your project
Consult a professional having clear ideas (or nearly so) is good. When you decide to make any type of intervention in the home, it is important to note that we will be the first people to have to be satisfied with the work, not the professional.

2. Don't get caught up in a hurry
The Internet is a wonderful medium: use it! By clarifying ideas the ability to measure up to the possibilities of our project, the web is a great mare that capturing quality information: what are the average market prices relating to my project? What are the main pros and cons of materials that can be used?
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Choose plants with flowers for the Park should not be a difficult task, but requires some time and previous research. Is that choose the flowers in the garden at times is difficult, since there are so many species available that we do not know with what sit.

Therefore it is that flowers should be assessed carefully. First, decide if the objective is purely ornamental or decorative, or else if you want some to provide other "services". Plants for the Park can also provide fruit or medicinal leaves, for example. If they are large or are placed on a structure, they can provide shade in summer, or shelter from the rain.

The flowers in the garden are nice, and best of all is that you can see throughout the year. So, since there are species that give us its beauty in spring and summer, as everyone knows, there are others that bloom in fall or winter. When choosing the flowers in the garden you can take account of this aspect and planting species that flourish in the four seasons. In this way, all the time you can have beauty in your Park.
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Natural stone is famous for its strength and durability, then a very popular choice among the public for use in the construction and decoration of their homes and offices. Natural stones have many advantages over the artificial materials as being eco-friendly, strong, naturally shiny and durable. The use of natural stones become like you're so cheap stones are easy to maintain and clean and also not lose their luster or easily damaged. Among the areas that are widely used these stones, an area that is the priority: the soil. You can opt for natural stones like granite, marble and slate flooring tiles for their homes and offices.

A natural stone that is considered the most suitable soil material is marble and popular. Marble floors are allowed as flooring material because of its bright and shiny, with the maintenance of quality material and easy to clean. Another feature unique marble tile is that easily absorbs heat and stays fresh during hot weather, and then you can install tile in the places you want to keep cool. Moreover, the aesthetic effect is reflected in the marble helps to use in a variety of places such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, playground and Hall. In addition to its characteristic of being resistant to heat, the marble is resistant to many other things like bacteria, allergies, dust, dirt and moisture.
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The most fun and creative during a restructuring of the modern bathroom is that relating to the choice of the coating. Should we buy the tiles, those that will give style and imprint in this important part of the House. Are different from those of the kitchen or another environment because they have to resist the humidity typical of this environment, due to the hot water from the shower or bath.

The market offers a wide range of solutions and we will find one that will do it for us regardless of price that we want to spend. There are in fact economic, medium and very expensive tile. The materials are several, as well as the shapes and colors. We try to find out more and to give you some advice.

Tile materials
-Ceramic Tiles: the material is fairly inexpensive, has a very low porosity, quality appreciated for the ease with which they can be cleaned and maintained. Water and dirt in fact slipping away in a very easy.
-Porcelain Tiles: are a bit more expensive and have the same characteristics as those with the same degree of porosity. Also in this case the market there is a wide choice of models. Very nice even those porcelain stoneware, a mix of materials.
-Glass tile: it is the most elegant solution together with that of China. The coating made with these tiles is very stylish and a great personality and impact damage to the bathroom. The price is higher, but it can be used both inside and outside of the shower.
-Stone Tiles: the tiles in this case can be made with tiles that "mimic" the stone, but the material isn't really that or with blocks of granite or natural stone. The cost is very high but very effective for those looking for an antique or rustic effect.
-Marble: barely used, very expensive, but if used in a discreet manner can be elegant.
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